About the orphans


In South Africa there are  1.4 million orphaned children – with 500 new orphans  added to that number each day – because of the twin curses of AIDS and extreme poverty.

Winters in South Africa are bitterly cold. In 2008 Ronda, a white lady living there, couldn’t sleep at night, worrying about orphans sleeping on cold floors with no bedding either under or over them. She bought blankets to give to the children – but there we just too many orphans and too few blankets.


Ronda talked about this problem on a family visit to Melbourne, Australia, and her niece, Sandy, offered to set up a web site to ask the knitters and crocheters of the world to make and send 8”/20cm squares to South Africa, where they are sewn together to make blankets to warm and comfort children made vulnerable or orphaned by the twin perils of HIV/AIDS and poverty.

A real difference

Knit-a-square started its online quest in January 2009 and within the first year had wrapped more than 1800 blankets around children of all ages, as well as providing them with over 4,000 knitted and crocheted items of warm clothing. The project provides an easy, accessible means to making a real difference in the lives of these children. Every square that is knitted or crocheted ends up in a blanket to make a child warm.

By July 2010 over 100,000 squares and thousands of knitted or crocheted hats, vests and jumpers  had been received – and thousands of blankets had been distributed.

Around the world

Thousands of passionate knitters and crocheters in 35 countries around the world are making 8”/20cm squares. They are sent to South Africa where volunteers sew them into blankets for orphans and child-led families in the very poorest areas, the squatter camps and slums, the shack settlements and through parish communities and orphanages.



The project has touched an innate desire in people of all ages to want to help. Children as young as eight and pensioners of eighty have taken up the cause. As a result, many hundreds of thousands of people now know about the children’s plight.

Do watch the video below and be prepared to shed a tear when you see the children wrapped in love and warmth.


.Could you make squares for these vulnerable children?

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    Hi Eileen, this is a lovely blog and I’ll add it to the knit-a-square.com Spread-the-Word so other members can read it and maybe some will be local to you! Many thanks, Pam

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