Could you make squares?


What better use of your spare time than to contribute to a growing world-wide community of square makers. Whether you can make two squares or two hundred – every single square will be used.

The greatest need is for 8”/20cm squares to be made into blankets. But clothing is also needed. And it’s wonderful to know that absolutely every stitch you make will help keep a child warm.

OK how do I start?

To knit: Just cast on 32 – 36 stitches and knit until the square measures 8”/20cm using 5.5 or 6mm needles and yarn with a tension of approximately 16 stitches to 4”. You can knit plain garter stitch or be as creative as you like or you can crochet of course. As long as the square is close to 8” / 20 cm square and is warm and cosy.



Squares crocheted in a half-treble stitch
with a 20cm ‘tail’ left for sewing up

To post: All the instructions are on the site:

For inspiration: Have a look at the wonderful photo gallery on the forum:

For news: Join the Square Circle forum: for stories and photographs of the children and their blankets and the other work which is bringing comfort into their lives.

Main KAS web site:- (have a look at the truly inspirational video on the home page)

Note: the UK branch of KAS are currently trying to set up a scheme whereby they become a hub for the squares and articles of clothing in order to keep the cost of postage down.

Click here for local wool suppliers




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